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Web Template Applications

Each of our applications is more than just a template. You're actually getting a suite of tools to manage your business.
The e3 applications is a great start and is fully customizable. Many of our customers have started with our templates and have simply updated them to fit their needs.
This option is great for those who have the knowledge or have someone on staff that has knowledge and experience in Web Design and Development (ASP and/or ASP.NET) to setup and customize the software.
What's included — Frontend

Purchase Order Software (ASP and ASP.Net - VB):
  • Easy-to-use Purchase Order Entry System.
  • Create Professional Looking Purchase Orders.
  • Enter Multiple Divisions (locations) and departments for your Company.
  • Enter Separate Ship To and Bill To Addresses.
  • Designate who can create purchase orders and who can approve purchase orders.
  • Enter Project (job) numbers with budget amounts.
  • Plus much more...

Contract Management Software (ASP.Net - VB & C#):
  • An Easy Solution for Contract Management.
  • Enter Multiple Locations, Departments, and Categories.
  • Early Warning of Contract Expiration.
  • Track Income, Expense, and Hours.
  • Upload images of your original contract.
  • Manage Your Vendors.
  • Print Reports.
  • Plus much more...

Real Estate Rental Property Website (ASP):
  • Beautiful, professional design with many color options
  • Contact forms that email you immediately when a user comes calling
  • Slideshow - you can change the photos anytime
  • Ability to display your listings with photos
  • Your brand and contact info on every page
  • Pre-made design styles for callout boxes, blockquotes, etc.
What's included — Backend

  • Site Management — Ability to update company information, multiple locations, add multiple users, and many other features - it's all done easily with our fully-supported site management system.
  • Listings Manager — Enter your own listings (even rentals) into the form fields of your listings manager to be displayed to your vistors. Users can click on listings to see the details pages with more photos.
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If you choose to purchase the Template solution and need us to install the application on your GoDaddy hosting account and set up the database with your company data, please contact us and for pricing.
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For additional information contact us.
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po template
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