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purchase order software
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Contract Management Software
Purchase Order Software
contract management software
purchase order template Purchase Order Software, Contract Management Software for small business.  
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Who is e3Apps?
e3Apps is an enterprise-level Internet/Intranet solution provider. We have pre-designed pre-designed templates that you can expand-on as time and budget allow, or we have the Limited Edition Custom (LEC) option, giving you a custom-caliber website with proven conversion at half the cost of a full custom design. Whatever your path, you'll love our websites, from the template website to the full-custom website they will help you increase popularity of your business online.
What are the server requirements?
The ASP software requires a Windows server running IIS (Internet Information Server), ASP support and Access database support.
The ASP.Net software requires a Windows server running IIS (Internet Information Server), .NET Framework 2.0 (or later) and SQL database (or Access database) support.
Do you provide instructions on how to install your products?
Instructions on how to install and setup the application are included with our products.
Who do I use for hosting?
Here are a few hosting providers: GoDaddy.com, WinHost.com and 1and1.com. Choose the Windows hosting plan. If you have questions about hosting requirements contact us for more information.

Note: if the application requires MS Access support, you may need to contact the Hosting Provider for availability.
If I purchase your template, but need help to install it on our server?
If you purchase one of our pre-designed templates and have trouble installing the applicaiton to your server, please contact us.
Can we maintain the website ourselves?
Yes, if you have someone on staff who understands what it takes to maintain the website, we encourage it. Click here to receive the information to view our online demo and evaluate what it takes to maintain the listings on the website. If you need us to maintain your website we would be glad to provide you with a quote for our services.
Do I need any special programming knowledge to use your applications?
You do not need to be a programmer to use the application. If you plan to customize the look and feel, some ASP or ASP.NET experience would be helpful.
Can we customize the functionality of our website ourselves?
Yes, our pre-designed templates are a great start and they are fully customizable. Many of our customers have started with our templates and have simply updated them to fit their needs. This option is great for those who have someone on staff that has knowledge and experience in web design and development to customize the website. However, if you need an experienced and knowledgeable web developer we are here to help.
What language is it written in and is source code included?
Our website applications are available in ASP, ASP.NET VB and C#. And yes, full source code is included. You can make modifications by using Visual Studio.

Visual Studio gives you a free set of tools for putting your ideas into action. Create great applications for phone, cloud, mobile, desktop, and Web—all the while familiarizing yourself with the Visual Studio IDE.

Visit the Visual Studio Products then click on "See Download Details".

You can download a FREE application in ASP (VbScript) or ASP.Net (VB) if you would like to view our programming style.
Is the price for the website template a one-time fee?
Yes, the website template application is a one-time cost. There is no continuing cost from us.
Do you provide any technical support for your applications?
Since our website template applications are provided with source code we offer limited support by email only, there is no support plan available to purchase with our templates. If we customize your application we do offer a support plan, contact us for more information.
Do you offer a package deal?
Yes, we do offer a package deal (on selected items), which includes one of our applications, install and setup on your GoDaddy hosting account. This would also include adding your company logo and information (name, address, phone, etc), adding users, editing the content on some of the pages. Please contact us for a quote for this service.
How will the software be delivered?
As soon as payment is received and approved, you will receive an email with information on downloading the product.
Can I hire your team to make customizations?
The level of service we provide depends upon the complexity of your Website and what your Internet marketing goals are. We perform customizations to our templates, while there are many similar websites, we've yet to see a one size fits all solution. Please, keep in mind each website can be a bit different. To be sure you have the right price tell us about your project and get a quote. Customizations are based on the availability of our developers.

If you decide to purchase one of our pre-designed templates and install, setup and customize it yourself, your cost is just the price of the template.
How long does it take to get a customized website?
Depending on the complexity of your needs. Most Limited Edition Custom (LEC) websites require 2 to 4 weeks to finalize the unique look of the site, help arrange content, migrate inventory, and the other practices we follow to help ensure your success. Your website will match your business brand and your customers will notice the difference!
How can we get started?
If you are considering one of our pre-designed templates, just place your order and submit your payment. Once we receive notice your payment has been received and approved, you will receive an email with information on downloading the product.  If you are considering us to customize a website application for your business contact us and someone will contact you to discuss the benefits of using e3Apps for your solution provider.
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If you need of a custom application built in ASP.net (VB or C#), tell us about your project.

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