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Limited Edition Custom (LEC) e3 Applications

The LEC option is for our customers who want that custom application, but they don't necessarily want to go through the hair-pulling development process that accompanies a truly custom application.

What else? Well, LEC's are an easy investment decision – they cost less than a fully-custom application, and you already know how the application is going to look and work, before you commit to paying for it!
How it works...we take the application of your choice (.Net Only) and our developers and modify the application to fit your needs. This can include changing the layout and color of the application, editing the content of the pages, updating the buttons, links, pictures and icons, etc. We also install the application on your GoDaddy hosting account and set up the database with your company data.
This option is great for those who have limited knowledge or experience in web design and development, but need a web application to bring their business online.
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Template but Better

The LEC's were a great move for e3apps – not only because we're able to make money by building them, but because they save our clients money. Why do the LEC's perform so well? Simply put, it's because we put so much of our experience into engineering their functionality and design.
We asked ourselves, "Who should plan the information architecture of a custom application?" We realized it should be us, not our customers.

Scalable on our Platform

We support our LEC sites just like all other sites on our platform. Updates for security and functionality are made available for all of our applications. The new tools we develop each year are made to work on the LEC's, so there's no worry about finding that your choices are limited down the road.

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contract software
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