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Purchase Order Software  Download.
Access 2007

Download instructions: (you must have Access 2007 installed)

Download may take several minutes, if you have trouble downloading please contact us.

  1. Print these instructions and have them with you while you install the software.

  2. Create a folder (C:\Purdb) on your hard drive.

  3. Download purdemo2k7.zip (0.37 MB) the directory (C:\Purdb) on your hard drive .

  4. Unzip the installation files to the same directory.

  5. Navigate to "C:\Purdb" directory using your Windows Explorer.

  6. Double click on "purdemo2k7.accde" file to open the application.

If you have any problems with the zip file, use this link to download the demo...Click here!
If you cannot open the file, there are a few things to test:
1. Check the version of access installed on your computer.
2. Are you trying to open the demo file (purdemo2k7.accde) inside the winzip (.zip) file?

If you do not have Access 2007 installed and would like to view our product, please email us.

The demo only allows a limited number of purchase orders to be entered.

If you need an extracting utility visit http://www.winzip.com

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Purchase Order Software
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